Our exchange policy is something we encourage our customers if there is an item that just does not make you feel crazy about or does not satisfy their needs or want a different size or color. All you have to do is contact our customer support team at 214-274-2525 or 214-866-5137 or by email at To ensure that you get the new item before it sells out, we ask that you place an order for the new item right away. Once your exchange has been approved by our customer support team, you will receive a confirmation email shortly after. Please place a copy of the confirmation email in the box or envelope that you will be using to return the item for and exchanged item. You will be responsible for shipping charges and original shipping charges will be non-refundable. The item you will be returning must be approved for return and shipped out within 10 days of confirmed delivery of the item in order for it to be eligible for Exchange.