Our Lovely Story

The Purple Dot Boutique offers all the latest trends with a wide selection of women's apparel and jewelry from designers as well as offering unique styles at affordable prices. We have a variety of casual styles, weekend looks, Boho Chic, vacation outfits and more! Different styles to meet everyone's needs. From tie dye to leopard print, to flirty dresses and city chic dresses. We have it all! The latest trends all in one shop.

The Purple Dot name has a huge meaning behind it that is very important to us. One day we were trying to come up with a name for this new journey we were about to take. I ended up having a dream about it and felt as if God gave me the name. 
  • "Purple" is the color of Jesus and represents Royalty
  • "Dot" means we are all in the circle of Jesus 
It all started with a vision my father had. He had the biggest heart I have ever known. His dream was to help kids in Venezuela who were homeless and suffering, with no food or no roof over their heads. His vision was to open up an orphanage with a hundred kids where we would teach them the word of God and show them how to live on their own by learning how to plant, work and more. Unfortunately, Venezuela got very dangerous and the government turned against it's people. We weren't able to build an orphanage due to the circumstances Venezuela is in. But with the help of God, through Purple Dot, were able to build two churches that were meeting under tents and bless them with a building where they could come together to praise and worship. Unfortunately, my dad was only able to make it to see the churches built. 
Now, with the situation Venezuela is in, my daughter and I decided to help feed the kids. We would have the kids line up at one of the churches built with bowls to receive their food. Later on, we felt as if God was telling us that the elderlies are just like kids. In need for help and just as vulnerable like children. We connected with a friend of mine that would meet with nuns that helped take care of elderlies and brought them food and clothes. 
The Purple Dot was created to be able to donate and help the need around the world. We know that God is just getting started and feel like Venezuela is not the only place we will connect with. 
My daughter and I are currently looking into connecting also with Saint Jude to help with kids who are suffering with cancer. It is still in the works and can't wait to update all of you when we get their.

We have been running the boutique for several years already and we enjoy going to all the different fashion shows to handpick each one of the beautiful clothing to satisfy our customers individual styles and needs.

We provide customer care for the young and for the more matured; in other words, we have styles from the mother to the daughter and to the grand daughter. We specialize in providing personal care/attention to each of our customers. We carry sizes from small, medium, large and extra large. Dresses, jumpsuits, rompers, graphic tees, bottoms, jewelry, hats, shoes, western lady boots, gift items and much more.

Currently, the Purple Dot is online only. The Purple Dot has a promise to their customers, to make you feel like a million bucks in all the clothes you wear from us.

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