Building Together | Purple Dot Fashion

It all started with a dream…

There are many children in Venezuela who are suffering trying to find shelter, food, help, and more. With the economy being destroyed, it is very difficult to find the everyday necessities to survive and stay healthy. There are tons of children being miss guided due to lack of help making them join violent gangs and/or steal from others in order to survive. There are children from seven months to eighteen years old living homeless not knowing how to get out of this dark hole.

So what is this mysterious dream?

My father grew up loving children, always wanting to help them and guide them to become better. He came up to my daughter and I stating he had a dream that he believed was a message from God. He went on about creating a place where children would be able to not only have food and shelter, but as well as guide them to become closer to Jesus Christ. 
As a strong Christian family, we loved the idea. The only issue was how would we be able to produce the money to build this dream, as well as maintain it? That’s where Purple Dot Fashion was created.

So far Purple Dot Fashion has built two churches in Venezuela. Because of the government restrictions, we are not allowed to build a place for children to live in. So we decided to go a different rout. Since the people in Venezuela are dying from hunger, we help provide food to the children and elders. 

With that being said, a portion of our profit is being donated to buying food for the children and elders. As well as updating and maintaining the two churches that have already been built.

Unfortunately, my father is not able to live to see the accomplishments we have been able to do through God's guidance. But we thrive to achieve this family goal every day. We will be updating you with all the progress that has been made and show you pictures on our Instagram @purpledotbtq so you can feel a part of this journey.

Purple Dot Fashion and my entire family thanks you in advance for all of your love and support.